Our Process

Our process of changing out an electrical panel/breaker box may include:

1. Assessment: We will assess the existing electrical panel, label breakers and check circuits.  Reasons for replacement may include outdated equipment, insufficient capacity, or safety concerns.

2. Planning: We will plan the installation of the new panel, considering factors of electrical load requirements of the building, and any necessary upgrades to meet current electrical codes.

3. Power shutdown: Before starting the replacement, we will shut off the power supply to the existing panel to ensure safety during the process.

4. Disconnecting and removing the old panel: We will disconnect all the wires and cables connected to the old panel and carefully remove it from its mounting location.

5. Mounting the new panel: The new panel will be mounted in the designated location, ensuring proper grounding and clearances per electrical code.

6. Wiring and connections: We will connect the electrical wires and cables to the appropriate terminals in the new panel, ensuring proper labeling for each circuit.

7. Circuit testing: After completing the wiring, we will test each circuit to ensure proper functionality and safety. This may involve using specialized equipment to check for voltage, continuity, and proper grounding.

8. Power restoration: Once all circuits are tested and verified, we will restore power to the new panel, ensuring that everything is functioning correctly.

It is important to note that the process may vary depending on the specific requirements of the building and local electrical codes.  Additionally, process and cost also depend on whether or not existing panel circuits are to code or not.